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SIG-AM   18k Signature Collection Necklace with Amethysts
SIG-blu   18k Signature Collection Necklace with Blue Topaz, Aquamarines and Sapphires
SIG-CIT   18k Signature Collection Necklace with Citrines
SIG-MLT   18k Signature Collection Necklace with Citrines, Peridot and Aquamarines
SIG-EMR   18k Signature Collection Necklace with Emeralds
SIG-LMLT   18k Signature Collection Necklace with Peridot, Opals, Citrine, and Aquamarine.
SIG-RUB   18k Signature Collection Necklace with Rubies
3-lotus-leaf-mix   3 lotus leaf necklace
shaker-pur   amethyst mix shaker necklace
ebg-aq   Aquamarine bezel wrapped earring
bg-azm-arrw   azurite malachite necklace
beth-hd   Beth Herkimer Diamond Necklace
ebg-blo   bezel wrapped black opal earrings
bg-blo-arrw   bezel wrapped black opal necklace
bg-bopal-soval   bezel wrapped bolder opal necklace
bg-bopal-rd   bezel wrapped boulder opal necklace
ebg-chry   bezel wrapped chrysophase earrings
bg-chry-oval   bezel wrapped chrysophase necklace
bg-golden   bezel wrapped golden tourmaline necklace
bg-lab-oval   bezel wrapped labradorite necklace
bs-mfro-asym   bezel wrapped mexican fire opal necklace
bg-pt-mar   bezel wrapped pink tourmaline necklace
ebg-rq-oval   bezel wrapped tear rose earrings
bg tq oval   bezel wrapped tourmilated quartz
bg-turq-lasym   Bezel Wrapped Turquoise Necklace
bg-rose-oval   bg rose oval
shaker-blue   blue topaz mix shaker necklace
blueberry-s   blueberry necklace
brooke-chry   Brooke Chrysophase
brooke-tanz-   Brooke Tanzanite
btr-flwr-g   butter flower
ecelia-am   Celia Amethyst Earrings
ecelia-herkimer-diamond   Celia Earrings in Herkimer Diamond
ecelia-pam   Celia Earrings in Pink Amethyst
ecelia-turq   Celia Earrings in Turquoise
ecelia-lap   Celia Lapis Earrings
shaker-rct-cit   citrine mix rectangle shaker necklace
shaker-cit   citrine mix shaker necklace
elogo-2-g   elogo double earrings in gold
elogo-g   elogo earrings in gold
elynn-cq   elynn earrings in clear quartz
elynn-kya   elynn earrings in kya
hhb-g st   Hand Hammered Bangles
hhh   Hand Hammered Hoops
jacque-herk   herkimer diamond necklace
ejacque-aq   Jacque Aquamarine Dangle Earrings
ejacque-chry   Jacque Chrysophase Dangle Earrings
ejacque-kya   Jacque Kyanite Dangle Earrings
ejacque-lab   Jacque Labradorite Dangle Earrings
ejacque-peri   Jacque Peridot Dangle Earrings
ejacque-tur   Jacque Turquoise Dangle Earrings
kerry-aqua   Kerry Aquamarine Necklace
kerry-kya   Kerry Kyanite Necklace
kerry-moon   Kerry Moonstone Necklace
ekippy   Kippy Earrings
bs-drusy   large drusy pendant
lisa-chrys   Lisa Necklace with Chrysophase
lisa-lab   Lisa Necklace with Labradorite
lisa-lap   Lisa Necklace with Lapis
lisa-turq   Lisa Necklace with Turquoise
lotus   lotus blossom necklace
lotus-leaf-mix   lotus leaf necklace
emolly-ap   Molly Antique Pearl Earrings
emolly-gp   Molly Grey Pearl Earrings
shaker-opal   opal mix shaker necklace
bg-bopal-oval   oval boulder opal necklace
bg-bopal-tiny   oval boulder opal necklace
ebg-peri   Peridot bezel wrapped earring
shaker-peridot   peridot mix round shaker necklace
shaker-grn   peridot mix shaker necklace
shaker-pink   pink tourmaline mix round shaker necklace
eraw-lab   Raw Labradorite Earring
bg-ruby-small   ruby necklace
bg rq rct   rutilated quartz bezel necklace
ebs-rq-rd   Rutilated Quartz Earring
shaker-s.o   Shaker Necklace in Peridot, Opal Citrine, and Blue Topaz
shaker-tourm   Shaker Necklace in Tourmaline Mix
shaker-ss-clr   Sterling Shaker Necklace in White Topaz Mix
esuni-lap   Suni Earrings with Lapis
esuni-smo   Suni Earrings with Smokey Quartz
tara-bir   Tara Birthstone Necklaces
texas   Texas necklace
bg-tq-arrw   Tourmaline Quartz Arrow Necklace
ebs-tq-rc   Tourmaline Quartz Earring
bg-tq-oval   Tourmaline Quartz Oval Necklace
ewillow-ap   Willow Antique Pearl Earrings
willow-ap   Willow Antique Pearl Necklace
ewillow-gp   Willow Grey Pearl Earrings
willow-gp   Willow Grey Pearl Necklace
ewillow-herk   Willow Herkimer Diamond Earring
wr-kya   Wrapped Kyanite Spear Necklace

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